A Western Adventure (6/19/18 – 6/29/18)

My brother (James) and I just travelled through five of the “Continental Divide” states — Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana — and visited as many National Parks — Rocky Mountain, Canyonlands, Arches, Grand Teton and, last but not least, Yellowstone. It was a memorable, albeit expensive, experience and here are several pictures:


Maroon Bells — one of, if not, the most photographed places in the country.


The Grand Tetons from Schwabachers Landing.


I saw her at the bottom of the road to Guanella Pass. She was in the road then scurried to a ledge to pose. She’s a bit ragged looking but believe me she cleans up nicely. 


Close-up of the Grand Tetons.


Delicate Arch, the most recognizable symbol of Arches National Park, is (as you can see) a popular attraction. Most images of the famous arch are void of context. Captured here are the throngs of visitors gathered in this “amphitheater” of sandstone as if to await the performance of some artist within the arch.


My rendition of Ansel Adams’ famous photograph. While he had more dramatic clouds and punier pines not obstructing the bend of the Snake River, mine is better. If you haven’t seen his yet, please do not look it up. Just take my word for it that mine is better.


Canyons upon canyons — Canyonlands National Park, Utah.


While leaving Yellowstone, in the Shoshone National Forest to be precise, my brother spotted bears in the woods off the road. I spun around and we got out to have a look. A vigilant mother grizzly and her two cubs were moving swiftly through the woods towards the road, at which point we ran back to the car. I then got this shot. It should be said, the mother grizzly looked both ways before crossing. I have done an indeterminate amount of hikes in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire and I have never once seen a bear in the wild (not that I particularly want to) whereas in just one day at Yellowstone I saw 6.


A roaring brook on the Taggart Lake trail. The absence of the vegetation partially obscuring Grand Teton would make the composition work as I had wanted it to.


An overlook on the road to Independence Pass and eventually Aspen. In the Northeast you need to put in effort for such vistas.


Build me a home where the Buffalo roam. Got a lifelong fill of them at Yellowstone.


Up close and personal with a buffalo. He prefers buffalo wings to bison burgers.


So much foliage-less Pine is mesmerizing.


So effortlessly beautiful out there. This shot taken but a few yards form a Taco John’s drive-thru in Codi, Wyoming. An otherwise inauspicious spot for us Northeasterners to capture such natural beauty.


The Roosevelt Arch at the northern entrance to Yellowstone.


Grand Prismatic Spring releasing its sulphuric juices into the Firehole River.


Mammoth Springs and southern Montana.


The Great Salt Lake.


The Great Salt Lake again.


The Great Salt Lake sand.


Sunset from the vicinity of Delicate Arch.


My brother at Twin Lakes in Colorado. Who wouldn’t want to have a picnic here?


Requisite Mormon Barn and Tetons juxtaposition.